YOUNG ENGINEER IT Finish school is promoted by professionals with in depth Industry Experience.It will shape you as a complete Industry Prrofessional both technically & behaviourally.Its main aim is to train & transfer talented graduates and knowledgeable individuals in to Industry Ready Professionalsis .

Young Engineer is founded on the belief that a large number of smart technical students with lack of industrial guidance exist in the state of Andhra Pradesh and with the right training they can be transformed into exceptional talent.

 IT Finish school main goal is to strive for excellence by way of enhancing skills & competences & ensure quality.IT Finish School  having an experience of IT industry and the academic environment, understands the needs of young professionals closely.  ensures quality deliverable in Finishing School and making its participants globally acceptable IT professionals with confident outlook and beaming personality.

YOUNG ENGINEER IT Finish School  is THE next step towards your Career

YOUNG ENGINEER IT Finish School program – giving you an edge over competition

INDUS PROGRAM is designed to meet the following needs:

  1. Help students understand the requirements of the IT industry.
  2. Assess them and help them understand where they stand.
  3. Train them with the required industry skills and align them towards successful careers.