The Software  Industry is booming

The top software firms in India plan to hire 100,000 new employees in  2015 , a five-fold jump from their combined intake in 2014. The major IT companies are on a hiring spree.Are you on their list?

….but are you ready for it?

Every year, India produces 400,000 engineering graduates while only 25% of them are suitable for employment

The IT industry predicts a shortfall of 35,00,000 skilled workers by 2020…

According V.Rajanna (member of Microsoft),only 15% of the fresh graduates of A.P were getting employable every year ,while nobody knows where the rest of them vanish.There are some fundamental issues with our current engineering education model. Static curriculum, theory oriented approach, exam centric learning model is resulting in students graduating with poor knowledge of fundamentals and lack of preparation for real world software development roles.For fresh graduates, finding the right job is not easy. Many do not possess the right skills and guidance is not easily available. Young Engineer help thousands of students in getting their first job, through personalized mentoring and holistic skill development.

Young Engineer is a learning school which aims to build industry oriented skills.It aims to bridge the gap between students, graduates, professionals and industry requirements.Young Engineer offers a program called Indus for graduates to develop their industry oriented skills such as Technical and Programing abilities, Behavioral Competencies towards the industry process orientation.